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International Trade center

It is said that Yury Gagarin, when he saw the earth from space, said: "From up here the Earth is beautiful, without borders or borders".

Trade Center definition

The Trade Center is an e-commerce shopping mall of small businesses coming together to bring you a variety of quality products in an easy, secure shopping experience.

International Trade intends to contribute to making international trade easier, economic development more sustainable, more possible the promotion of culture and territorial specificities through international trade.

In other words, we at International Trade are convinced that territorial development depends on how and to what extent a territory interacts with other territories and communities of people: this approach pushes to make shared, sustainable and comprehensive knowledge (in legal, economic and environmental) the main development tool.

International Trade center

Through a correct management of the areas of trade compliance (internal control system and adaptation to the regulatory provisions on customs and tax matters) we can obtain:

  •  The best landed cost for all goods exported or imported through the abatement of customs duties and other taxes;
  •  The most efficient management for the excise and consumption tax sector;
  • A business structure based on an efficient trade compliance approach;
  •  Promotion of cultural peculiarities through the development of commercial projects with foreign countries;
  • Contribute to the development of environmental sustainability, the blue economy and a new development model that does not generate ecological damage.

For these reasons, we offer a constant information service in the areas of customs legislation, taxes on production (excise duties, consumption taxes), in-depth study and development of specific projects without reducing attention to the environment and cultural tradition of the territories.

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