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Pet Insurance Tips To Coverage in australia

 Not all pet health insurance policies are equal. It is important to consider a range of pet insurance covers to make sure that you are getting what you really want. Check out the different options to make sure you get exactly what you want for the prices you can afford. Be careful of high excess amounts when you need to make a claim, and also be aware of what is not covered by your pet health insurance, as you could get a rude shock. Also, many pet health insurance packages have extras included, such as routine vet bill cover for items such as preventative medication, micro chipping, council registration fees and vaccinations to name a few.

Pet Insurance Tips

Some interesting facts about pet health pet insurance

The second highest cost for your pets behind feeding them is vet costs. That includes both routine vet costs and emergency surgery. Of all your different insurance covers, pet insurance is on average the one most likely to be claimed on, as with most policies you can claim on routine vet bills up to a specified annual amount.

What to consider when getting Pet Health Insurance

1. Pet Insurance Age limits

There are a number of potential difference offered by pet insurance providers. First of all, what age is your pet, and will you be able to get coverage? Most policies will provide cover after your pet has reached 8 weeks of age, but if you want coverage after they 9 years old you may miss out. However, if you get coverage before your pet turns 9, most policies will continue to cover your pet. Just dont let your cover lapse after your pet turns 9 and try and reinsure later.

2. Pet Insurance Excess Affects Premiums

An Excess amount is offered by most pet insurance covers to help spread the risk with you and reduce the pet insurance premium. The higher the excess you select the lower the premium you pay. Some policies may ask that you pay a specified $ amount, or they may pay a given percentage of the vet bill, leaving you to cover the rest.

3. Different Pet Insurance Options For Different Levels Of Pet Cover

Most covers will offer different levels of cover, again resulting in different premium costs. You may just want the basic level that will normally cover accidents paying for things like emergency surgery and has an annual payout limit. The next level up normally has a higher annual benefit limit and covers the basics plus illness such as cancer and skin diseases.

4. Pet Insurance Pre-existing Conditions

Can you get pet health insurance for pre-existing conditions? Check the policy disclosure document to see if you can get cover for any pre-existing conditions, and what the definition of a pre-existing condition is. Generally you can not.

5. Routine Pet Insurance Cover

Does the pet insurance cover offer routine coverage for things like de-sexing, preventative medications, teeth cleaning, tick or heart worm control burial, and even council registration fees? Check the annual benefit limits when comparing this benefit.

6. Can you use any Vet?

Check the policy to make sure that you can choose your favorite vet, and are not required to use a vet that may be miles away. Most pet insurance covers will let you use your choose of vet.

7. Pet Insurance Discount

Can you get a discount on your premium if you insure more than one pet? Some pet insurance health covers offer a discount. If you have more than one pet, this could be very beneficial.

These are a few of the important questions you need to consider when selecting pet health insurance cover for your pet.

Australian Pet Insurance Comparison and Review

Below is a comparison of 3 of the top pet health insurance covers available, Pet Insurance Australia, RSPCA Pet Insurance and 1300 Pet Insurance. Remember to check the Policy Disclosure Document as benefits and conditions may have recently changed, and to make sure that you get full information about the cover you want.


Pet Insurance Australia

RSPCA Pet Insurance

1300 Pet Insurance

Annual Benefit Limit

Accident Cover Accidental Injury

$8,000 with excess choice $100/$250

$6,300 with excess choice 70% / 80%

$8,000 with excess choice $100/$250

Comprehensive Cover Accidental injury & Illness

$15,000 with excess choice $100/$250

$6,300 with excess choice 70% / 80%

$15,000 with excess choice $100/$250

Major Medical Cover Accidental injury & Illness

$15,000 with excess $500

$8,935 with excess choice 70% / 80%

$15,000 with excess $500

Tick paralysis

$500 a year

Tick paralysis Accident cover - nil
Tick paralysis Comprehensive cover - $500
Tick paralysis Major Medical cover - $1000

$500 a year

Overseas pet travel insurance




Hospital cover

yes over 5 nights up to $500

yes over 4 nights up to $500

yes $20 per night up to $500

Routine Cover

$9.50 month on all covers

Only with Major medical cover

Yes - extra


8 weeks to 9 years

8 weeks to 9 years

8 weeks to 9 years


5% each pet up to 15%


5% each pet up to 15%

Cooling off period

14 Days

14 Days

14 Days

Pet Insurance Premium Comparison

The premiums or costs of each policy varies between pet insurance providers. You need to consider the level of pet insurance coverage you need, and assess the individual policies to determine which one best meets your needs. As premiums change, I have not listed them here, but below are the links to the different Pet Insurance providers

Pet insurance australia reviews


1300 Insurance's Pet Protect offered by 1300 Insurance Pty Ltd (ACN 124 845 727; AR No 327609) covered by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (AFSL 241436), and managed by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd (AFSL 420183). from the information on the official website, and other documentation are only general in nature and do not take into account your personal financial situation, needs, or goals. Therefore, before you decide to buy this product, it is important that you read the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide to ensure that the product is suitable for your needs


Since 1871, when the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals first met in Victoria, the RSPCA has grown to become Australia's most recognized and beloved animal welfare organization. To create the RSPCA Pet Insurance, we have partnered with PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd and The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard).

The information on our website, brochures and other documents is general in nature, and does not take into account your personal financial situation, needs or goals. So before you decide to buy this product, make sure you read the related policy booklet which contains the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) to make sure the product suits your needs.

Neither the RSPCA nor its related entities, directors or officers warrant the assessment or payment of claims under any policy issued by Hollard.


Is a family owned Australian Pet Insurance business, with a long & successful history in the pet industry. not only has years of experience, but has an international reputation for excellence. As a family, we have a long and successful history in the pet industry. we are pet people and pets are a part of our daily life.

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